Venetian Plaster

From the natural charm of Marmarino to the highly polished opulence of Stucco, our master craftsmen will help you capture the appeal of authentic Venetian plaster in any space. 

Endless design possibilities

We will work closely with you to transform creativity into reality. With no limits in colour, texture and effect, watch as we deliver truly distinctive finishes that elevate residential and commercial spaces. 

Looking into the past for the future

Venetian plaster has been used monuments since ancient times. The materials comprising these finishes varies depending on the region they came from and the technique used by the artisan. Mastering these techniques is an art, and there are only a select few artisans in the world today who have had the privilege of learning from the Venetian craftsmen. At Lusso, we are proud that our master artisan Eric Maloney is one of them. 

Explore our world of Venetian plaster finishes.


Unsurpassed luxury for every space.

Marmarino, which translates to “little marble”, is perfect for those who want to introduce depth and movement to their walls. With a textural aesthetic, this finish will inspire a classic elegance or a bold, dynamic effect. 

The addition of marble to high-quality slaked lime creates a subtle texture that is both intriguing and striking. Choose from three grades of marble aggregate – Fine, Naturale, and Carrara – each with its own unique personality, which we can explore and refine using our carefully honed techniques. 

Mastering the finish:

A mixture of crushed marble and slaked (powdered) lime is applied in thin layers. We burnish the surface to achieve an opulent polished finish with striking variations of movement. For the finishing touch, our artisans protect the surface with a layer of wax, which is buffed to retain its beauty.


A delicious slice of Italian history 

Long sought after for building restorations, Tonachino offers an authentic aged stone appearance that instantly transports you to a Venetian palazzo. With richness in character, depth and texture, large aggregates of Carrara marble let us compose a heritage stone appearance that looks as though it has been there for centuries.  

Tonachino is highly weather resistant, making it the perfect choice for those who want to add a touch of elegance to feature walls, outdoor areas, bars, hotel receptions, foyers, and more. 

Mastering the finish:

Using an intricate technique, we apply natural olive oil soaps to the lime, which react to create a waterproof barrier. Then, we use a natural sealer to protect and retain the resulting beauty. 


Your own individual work of art

Comprising finely ground Carrara marble and limestone, Stucco elevates the visual appeal of any space. The finish offers a stunning translucency with a depth and richness so beautiful, it’s a work of art. The soft, gleaming finish bounces light around any space to perfectly highlight detailing.

Mastering the finish:

Our artisan craftsmen meticulously build up the finish in layers using seamless patterns, which are polished to achieve a high-gloss surface. This is protected with a final application of wax to ensure an enduring beauty.


Where ancient beauty meets timeless style

Make a bold statement with the look of exquisite Italian stone. This highly popular finish lets us recreate a cut of Travertine on your wall, with all of its stunning variation in pattern and natural colouring. With versatility to match its beauty, Travertino makes an opulent addition to large spaces and accent details alike – from sweeping walls and columns to bathrooms, terraces and corridors.

Mastering the finish:

Working with the material in raw form, we apply it as a seamless cut of travertine, and create texture and movement to suit your desired style.


Natural Moroccan beauty encapsulated

Hailing from the ancient riads and hammams of Marrakech, Tadelakt is arguably the oldest form of render still being applied today. The waterproof, organic lime-based plaster is distinguished through its beauty and effectiveness for showers, basins, bathrooms and feature surfaces in kitchens, where its elegance and radiance will make an enduring impression.

Mastering the finish:

The traditional Tadelakt finish requires an exceptional level of skill that our artisans have perfected. After mixing the lime plaster and applying it on walls, our artisans use a stone to simultaneously polish the finish and rub in black olive oils, which react with the lime to make it hard, highly durable and waterproof.