Led by Founder Eric Moroney, Lusso Venetian Finishes is the home of luxury hand crafted finishes. Studio based in Sydney Australia delivering bespoke finishes to some of the world’s most exclusive residences, hotel & spa, and special projects globally. With seventeen years of experience, Lusso Venetian Finishes commitment to creating exceptionally high-level standard of work in the residential and commercial space has positioned the company as one of the top and most respected Venetian Artisans.

Creating unique, innovative floors and surfaces

Ideal Work Microtopping® is perfect for those who want a continuous, innovative and tactile surface that can make any space unique, whether it is a minimal modern environment where Ideal Work Microtopping® stands out as the main feature, or a classic, rustic or vintage environment, where it completes the style with refined discretion.
You can customise Microtopping® by choosing shades and creating glossy, clouded, or acid stained effects to make it exactly the way you want it.

turn-key solutions

with certified partners

Innovative materials for interiors and exteriors: the finishes of the future

Ideal Work® systems can be used internally, externally, vertically or horizontally, bringing a wide variety of finishes ranging from classic design, through rustic to ultra-modern minimalist. The materials are such that they offer architects, landscape architects, interior designers and even structural engineers the opportunity to make something both durable and beautiful.

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